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Hi-End Furniture stores (furnishing entire house)

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Aug 29, 2013
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Hi-End Furniture stores (furnishing entire house)

I'm furnishing my new place, so far I only have a $20 stool from IKEA :) yet I'm not in a rush, I'd like to make a design and decoration plan before buying stuff. I've never bough furniture in my life, so i don't like most of the stuff in general and would be really thankful for general tips (shopping location, design decision/ideas, negotiation tactics with store sales people etc). Corbusier in Laval seems like furniture mecca of montreal region, most of the furniture stores have presence there.

I'll list some furniture stores that I think are worth a visit:
JC Perrault, Germain Lariviere, Maison Corbeil/MUST, Casavogue, Mariette Clermont, Mobilia, Philippe Dagenais, Sears (home decor),Lidaloft.
RocheBobois and BoConcep are somewhat out of my price range.

most of them seem to always have some kind of discounts, with some of them (especially for high end furniture) you can get good discounts.

For kitchen furniture I prefer calligaris tables and they also have nice barstools and chairs; their stuff are kind of pricey. At MarietteClermont I got right away 30% for example. Considering that furniture stores mostly do 100%+ markup, what discount should I be trying to get? For calligais for example, they have a catalog with prices, but not a single store sells at such jacked up prices all of them start at 15%off or even 30% off.

GermainLariviere has 30-50% off for some models of nice couches.

Regarding home office: I didn't really find anything decent. had some stuff, but the office set that I liked seems to be not available anymore. So far my favorite choice is executive desk from jesper table, which is the the only office table available at germain lariviere. I tried to visit L'Office but it looks like it's closed all the time when I tried to come there. Only a few models available at maison corbeil and in general there isn't much choice for home office furniture and I'm not even sure what place I should visit.