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[Costco] Hi Long Boards @ Costco $150

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  • Aug 14th, 2009 6:15 pm
Mar 22, 2009
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[Costco] Hi Long Boards @ Costco $150

$150 at Queensway Etobicoke location

Info = http://hilongboards.com/store/longboards.php
I can't remember which design it is but these things are STURDY

[IMG]http://lh4.ggpht.com/_xNg3zLFkE28/SjW0P ... PX0016.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]http://lh6.ggpht.com/_xNg3zLFkE28/SjW0Q ... PX0019.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]http://lh3.ggpht.com/_xNg3zLFkE28/SjW0Q ... PX0020.jpg[/IMG]
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Jul 16, 2007
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not a bad deal for a longboard. does anyone know if it's any good?
May 1, 2009
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CanadaBoy wrote:
Jul 15th, 2009 12:01 pm
Edit: found some more information on it..
http://www.silverfishlongboarding.com/f ... eness.html
Buyer Beware, I guess.
I wrote to hi longboards about the negative post and the following is their reponse

We were aware of this posting. *It is a tribute to the freedom of the web, but unfortunately, it is riddled with inaccuracies:

1) *The "maker of the board" he refers to is actually my 25 year old son. *Our company, Hillman Industries, is owned by three siblings - one brother and two sisters. *My son had taken an early version of the board into to work to show the author of the post. *Apparently, he disliked it.

2) *Our initial product concept was and is an electric remote controlled skateboard. *This product is still in development. *It is not that it can't be made, but we have worked with engineers for the past 7 years perfecting it. *Our electric prototypes are astonishing and there is absolutely no match for them currently on the market. *With each successive prototype, more features are added and refined. *We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on engineering and patents, and every conceivable aspect will be perfect. *It is just so much fun!

3) *The appearance of our electric skateboard was so well received, my brother struck upon the idea of making a non-motorized version. *Yes, the boards are made in China, but we could not find anyone here in the states that was willing to attempt the construction of the deck. *Not only that, but making the deck in the US would have been cost prohibitive. *As far as the components go, they were made to our exacting specifications. *The bearings are true ABEC 7 skateboard bearings, and the trucks are our own design. *The wheels are translucent virgin urethane. *We have a patent on the way the risers are attached using a "claw of screws". *There are no bolts through the top of the deck. *The deck itself is made of American maple and American walnut with vertically laminated stringers. *For added stability, three invisible 1/8" steel rods run perpendicular to the stringers. *He's right - there is no grip tape; the board is carved with with a rocker from front to back and side to side as a replacement for grip tape. *We have heard from some riders, however, that for certain tricks they would like to apply grip tape, but are reluctant to do so as the board is so beautiful. *Are they heavier than other skateboards? Yes, they weigh 16 pounds, but the added weight is a plus when it comes to cruising and the ride is awesome.

4) *There is nothing "cheap" about our boards. *We happened to go about marketing in an unorthodox manner. *Most products start at a high price point and work down from there. *We started in Costco, so the consumer is actually the winner. *You can go to Costco and buy our board for $139.99. *A comparable board with a wood deck would run over $300.00 in a skate shop. *

I'm sorry that the blogger was so angered by our product. *We are not making a "typical" board; we're proud of the product we're producing and stand behind it 100%. *There is a reason they make more than one model of car - different people have different tastes. *It's odd that having choices would anger anyone!

Happy trials,

Cathy Hillman Crawford
(714) 887-8127
Jul 26, 2009
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Price at Etobicoke Queensway Costco is now $99.99.
There are about two dozen longboards there.