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[Dell] Hip Street wifi touchscreen tablet and media player for $99.99

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  • Oct 22nd, 2011 4:29 pm
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Aug 5, 2006
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[Dell] Hip Street wifi touchscreen tablet and media player for $99.99

Has android, wifi and good lcd res
http://accessories.dell.com/sna/product ... noteSearch

Edit: The product link doesn't seem to work on dell.ca, search for HS-M702 and it comes up
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Oct 1, 2004
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Any one have experience with this?
:mad: :lol:
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Oct 8, 2004
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Bought one. RFD effect. Buy now, ask questions later. DELL return if not wanted. Free shipping & return.
Aug 25, 2006
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Wish this was on sale 2 weeks ago when I bought the M700 non-wifi version for $68 from Walmart. Would have paid the extra $30 for wifi and android. That said, I'm pretty happy with the m700.
Ya it has its rough edges but pretty decent for the money, it does exactly what I want it to do...cheap epub reader. I expect the M702 will generate similar sentiments. It's true that outdoor viewing
is not optimal but I have no problem reading ebooks on it under a shady tree, for hours at a time. Another thing...I dropped the unit 2nd day I owned it...bounced down a dozen wooden patio stairs and dropped
3 feet onto my interlocking brick patio. Not a scratch on it and still works perfectly. Try this yourself at your own risk :cheesygri
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