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Dec 23, 2009
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Home Alarm systems

So - in BC who other than ADT is recommendable as a company with good service and a fair price. After tonight I am closing a 10+ year account.

My problem - the co2 censor we pay to be monitored began failing and sounding the "alert" which is not the full alarm. Of course the company says it will be a week or more before they can send someone out to fix it and talk my kid through muting it for 36 hours at a time. Tonight the alarm system for it fails completely and with the green light flashing the full alarm goes off. The furnace isn't even on and if it had detected co2 the red light with alarm would be on.

Now this alarm is very loud. Call the help desk and they can't help at all. They first suggest I turn all power for the house off at the breaker ( I remind them this is a battery backed up system sooooooo ). After 10 minutes they figure out what I am telling them and move on. Next suggestion is find the power box and as they say " open it and deactivate the power source ". I explained its a sealed unit ( I could unscrew it but I am not an electrification ). They next suggest that I find the one breaker that this thing is connected to and deactivate that ( 2 freezers on the same circuit so not gonna happen ).

The company explains that they purchased the contracts from broad-view and they don't like the direct powered CO2 for this exact reason. Hello when were they going to tell me this?

So for a company that only has monday - friday bankers hours for service - can't deactivate their own systems - doesn't replace known hardware with issues and even when you call it takes over a week ( meaning you have to go without coverage for that time )... it leaves me not feeling very well protected or covered .... hence I am looking for best deal with a decent company.

On a side note they were going to send a tech overnight but after getting off the phone I googled the power box and found out its simply 2 wires attached to a battery which I pulled and unplugged the main system ( killing the entire system but also shutting off the alarm ). Had they actually known anything about their product they could have explained that instead of telling me to open a locked power box and remove the power source. To add further disatisfaction they closed with " there will be a service fee charged to rearm your system since you selected to power it down. Yah its been a fun night lol