Home Phone System for VoIp, with additional Handsets

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Jan 28, 2010
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Home Phone System for VoIp, with additional Handsets

I'm looking to expand the number of phones in my home to say, 10 phones. Is there a recommended phone system that will work with I'm using the spa2102 currently. I have this phone set currently: ... al_qh_dp_t
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Compatibility issues with phones you choose have a lot more to do with the ATA you're using and typically very little (or nothing at all) to do with the VoIP services provisioned on them.

How do I connect an ATA to my house, so that all existing phone jacks work?

You may need to disconnect your Telco company's line at the demarc--or make sure power from it is not running to your existing phone jacks. Otherwise, you run this risk of frying your ATA. Visit

Also, check out bogolisk and canadaodyowner's pictures/posts over here: ... 21229/331/
Better to ask them about it than me.

There's a related thread over here (might be a good place to ask): ... #p16243162

By the way, the RFD Freephoneline thread is over here: freephoneline-ca-free-local-soft-phone- ... ip-821229/.
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