Horrible experience at service ontario

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  • Jun 14th, 2015 11:44 am
Oct 23, 2011
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bas00m wrote:
Jun 14th, 2015 7:56 am
My story was that I got the sticker in the mail .. went to peel it off and it cracked into 10000 pieces ! (that was during the winter) and on the website they stated that during winter times the stickers might break or crack .. I called the 1800 number and the lady on the phone said you are right, the tend to crack in the winter .. just go in person, show them it cracked and they will give you a new one for FREE during the first 30 days.

I went there, the 2 ladies were laughing and joking with every single customer. The second I stood in front of them to get helped, they all became serious .. I was like in my mind .. WTF you were all laughing and smiling with every customer and when I'm at the counter you stopped .. I was like meh whatever ..

so I showed the lady the sticker that was cracked and I told her that I called the number and so on .. she was like no, you must pay $7 for a new one. I was like NO .. I called and they said it is free, even the website says so.

she kept on going on and on and made it seem that I was being cheap for not wanting to pay $7 but I was talking from a principal prospective as well as the 1800 and the lady on the phone all said that ..

she then was like well you can go to that other lady and she will help you .. i am not helping you anymore .. at that time I was furious .. she then waved my papers in the air to that other lady ...

the other lady kept on saying you must pay $7 and blah blah blah .. by then I was like I will pay the $7 but I am getting it back .. when she gave me the new sticker she was like .. sir peel it slowly and be careful because they do crack in the winter .. I was like WTF??!! this is what I was trying to say and tell you guys since the beginning .. do me a favor and tell Ms. Bimbo (she was blonde) over there that it does crack in the winter .. and while I was like leaving I was like F blonde b word ..

at that time, there was a guy behind me and he thought I cut him off in the line when the 1st lady said to me I am not going to help you and go to the other lady .. that dude was supposed to be helped by that other lady and when the 1st lady told me to go I just went .. after I paid he went all crazy on me and he was like next time there is something called a lineup .. thats when I just broke loose and the dude brought the pitbull inside me.. I was like mind your own F business and the dude was like you want me to call 911 .. I was like go ahead .. go cry to mommy you lil b*** .. wat will you tell the cops .. I swore at you .. grow up and look at a mirror and see how old you are !!! and I when I was leaving I was like a F bimbo and a dude that wanted to call the cops because I told him to mind if F business .. what a bunch of little bitches!

I then called the 1800 number again and I filed a formal compliant .. some high end manager called me and kept apologizing .. she refunded me the $7 and she told me that the location I went to is a dealer subcontractor and they receive over 5 complaints from this location on a daily basis and they are currently in the process of terminating their services ..