Horrible Experience with Sunwing and Travel Agent

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  • Jun 26th, 2009 11:42 pm
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Jun 29, 2008
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Horrible Experience with Sunwing and Travel Agent

So here's my story:

Around Feb. time I purchased two tickets to Mexico from a local travel agency. Around April times, I decided to cancel. I know that Sunwing is the provided because, first, their name appears on my credit card bill, and second, reservation number is checked through

When I called Sunwing end of April to cancel, I was advised to call my travel agent and have them call Sunwing to cancel. I did that, and my travel agency informed me that the re-fund is in process. It has been 30 days and I haven't seen the money in my credit card. During the 30 days I called the travel agency multiple times and every time they confirmed the money has been re-funded - but I still dont see the credit.

Got fed-up and called Sunwing b**** about their service, after I explained to her the situation, she said "Ok, let me go ahead and process the re-fund" and I was like "so you are saying all this time, there was no request to process the refund by the travel agency". The rep. didn't want to answer this question. Now, I fought to get a transaction number for the re-fund, and she said it has to come from accounting (we are talking around 7:30 pm).

So this morning I go and I call Sunwing's accounting, a lady picks up and she goes "I just processed your re-fund" and I go "Ok, may I have the transaction #". She said "go get it from your travel agent". At that point, I just gave up, and hang up on the phone. I am going to call the travel agency and drill them all to the floor.

Anyone has gone through??? I dont believe I am being scammed, because Sunwing is legit travel airlines and the travel agent I deal with has offices in Ottawa and Montreal (physical offices).
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Oct 24, 2004
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You had no problems posting here that your issue is with Sunwing, where in my opinion it is clearly with your Travel Agent. Please post your travel agent/agency name here so we know who are bad :-).

I believe that you must grill your travel agent and inform them that you will be writing letter to Tico (or what the agency name)? It is clearly their problem and you must push them. Sunwing paid your travel agency to deal with travelers, so they do not want to spend any time with you.

I had issue with Sunwing last Christmas, my flight from Mexico was supposed to come back around 3pm on Christmas day - so I have enough time for Christmas dinner. But about a month before they informed me that flight was rescheduled to come back after midnight. Any other day would have been no problem, but change flight during Christmas was not right. I did not even received reply/appology from Sunwing :-( - they don't care.
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Apr 20, 2009
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I have learned this from experience.

Always... get the name and ID# from anyone you (Sunwing) talk to over the phone. On top of that keep a record of the time/date and what was said.
If this is not resolved, call SW and ask to speak to a manager. Tell them of all the reps that have passes the buck and tell them that this situation is unacceptable.
On top of getting your refund, ask for some compensation like a travel voucher. Whether or not you decide to travel with Sunwing ever again is your choice.
Apr 27, 2005
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I am also thinking that your travel agent dropped the ball here. You did not book directly through Sunwing but through your TA (who will have made commission on the sale) so it is your TA's job to get your money refunded.

To the other poster whose flight was rescheduled on Christmas day - Sunwing is a charter airline. In most airports they do not have gate access except for there scheduled time, so if for some reason it is changed they are SOL. The major airlines like Air Canada, WestJet, AA etc give them space when it is available - so they are at the mercy of them.

I also learned this the hard way and if I really have to be at my destination at a certain time, I do not use them. If I am flexible then I take there cheap flights.
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Jun 29, 2008
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Thanks for the info. guys. I finally got my money back. whopps 3.5k is back in my account.
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May 31, 2006
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expensive wonder you were so mad

glad to see it worked out for you