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Locked: Horrific Mosque Shooting - 49 Dead from Right-Winged Terrorists

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Aug 21, 2018
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Horrific Mosque Shooting - 49 Dead from Right-Winged Terrorists

Rest in peace to my Muslim brothers and sisters. Terrible tragedy in New Zealand with right-winged terrorists shooting and killing 49 (possibly more) innocent people praying in a NZ Mosque, plus many more injured.

Inalillahil wainallilahil rajioon (To God we belong and to God we return).

I haven't watched the live stream because of how disturbing I heard it is. So I'm going to link to a news article instead: ... av5dPjVDUs

It's time for Conservatives and Republicans (especially their leaders such as Donald Trump) to take responsibility for their actions/words because they have consequences such as this. You allow right-winged neo nazis to come out of the wood work to commit atrocities such as this. They can also no longer deny the existence of neo nazis and white supremacists. They exist and are the biggest threat to any civilized society in the world today.

Also, need to call it like it is. These are NOT "lone wolf, mentally disturbed individuals" just because they're white. They are terrorists. Period.
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