Hotel status - does it apply if you don't book direct?

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Hotel status - does it apply if you don't book direct?

Say you book online with a discount travel site. Does your status with a hotel still apply?
Ex. I have Marriott gold status, and say I book a Marriott hotel through
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Depends on the chain.

Many DO NOT recognize status or give out reward points / perks when things are not booked direct, but instead thru a 3rd Party Discounter / Reseller

Honestly, I have NO IDEA why anyone would even want to do this.

Best pricing, Perks & rewards come to Loyalty Members
(Remember you have to be LOGGED IN to see them)

Find what you think is a better price (and can prove it) just call the Hotel DIRECT as a Loyalty Member and the Front Desk will most often meet it / beat it... and you get the perks


Marriott is one of the chains that is moving to INSTANT REWARDS (come August). Like Hilton, Members will be able to trade Points on a sliding scale for cash off (what is known as Points & Money Rates).

That is an awesome way to save $$$ and earn at the same time, plus get all the other perks of Membership

Discounters cannot give you / compete with... that
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May 10, 2005
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I sometimes (not often) book 3rd party for a better deal and when checking in always give my loyalty number and get the rewards added to my account.
For some reason, Marriott does not seem to match prices with 3rd party providers. I got a much better deal booking through Expedia for Marriott hotels in Europe than at the hotel web site in a few weeks and will give them my number when checking in. I have done this recently in New Orleans as well.
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I have the same question in mind.
I know that I most likely won't get rewards point if I book with 3rd party site but at, I get $40 cashback.
Versus if I book at Marriott website, the rate is $5 less on spot and rewards points.

I figure the one night stay of rewards points doesn't worth $35 in points? ($40 Cash back minus $5 less in room rate)
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