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How can I spot a fake North Face Jacket?

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  • Apr 23rd, 2008 6:11 am
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Jun 24, 2004
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How can I spot a fake North Face Jacket?

I just bought a NF jacket online. It just occurred to me that I've never seen this model in real life so I have no frame of reference to tell if it's a fake. Are there any ways to tell a fake NF item from an authentic one? (e.g. micro stitching on Diesel jeans)
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Sep 4, 2005
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Funny you should ask... I deliberately had a friend pick up a fake in China a few yrs back.. On first look it appears authentic. For the (winter) jacket I got, the giveaway was on the front metal buttons. Around the edge of the small buttons it should say "North Face". Instead it said "Nrth Fcae" - funny.

Other than that, after about 1+ years the button tabs (front) started to fall out, the inner jacket pockets ripped leaving holes to the inside of the jacket shell and some stitching has come loose... This jacket was one of those that came with a seperate fleece liner - which is still in tip top shape - and nice too! Of course I only paid $20 for the jacket, so I knew what I was getting.