How long did it take you to find a new job?

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  • Mar 30th, 2019 11:26 am
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May 22, 2013
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How long did it take you to find a new job?

I've been job hunting since last September and have only gotten 4 interviews after applying about 45 jobs.. starting to get worried
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Jun 1, 2018
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Took me about 3 months, around 10 applications and got the job on my first interview. Just dont give up, EI is 8 months for a reason, sometimes it can take a while.

Also 4 interviews on 45 applications seems like a good ratio in today's world where probably at least half the applications dont get read by a human.
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Jun 24, 2015
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Woodbridge, ON
5 years and 85 applications, 8 interviews. be patient
Jun 18, 2018
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It's competitive out there, experienced or not. Most positions you apply for are just looking for 1 person.... out of the hundreds or thousands that apply. Your chances are slim.

You have 2 choices. Either go on EI until you find a job, or apply for any job (even if you are over qualified) to earn some money and continue to apply until you get something better. Resume gaps are the worst, and you need some money to support yourself and the bills.

My worry is; you had 4 interviews but no offer? Maybe it's something about your interviewing skills?
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Jan 1, 2013
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It's been awhile for me as well. Was actually close to a year and I ended up settling. Still finding it tough. I think it may be my resume. I might actually look into a professional resume writer.
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May 22, 2013
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i am such a failure
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Mar 31, 2008
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Vancouver is notorious for being difficult corporately. Come to Toronto.. plenty of jobs around.
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Aug 15, 2015
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Markham, ON
I have always been very selective with my job applications. If I don't like the job advertisement for whatever reason or feel like I don't qualify, I don't apply.

With that strategy, my success rate to land an interview is quite high.

When I first graduated I submitted five applications and for four interviews and landed a job. I failed three interviews and aced my fourth one.

After that, the next time I seriously looked for a job, I submitted two applications got an interview for both. I already accepted the job offer when I was invited to the other company I applied for so i declined the other interview because it was not my first choice anyways.

After that, the next time I seriously looked for a job I submitted one serious application and tested the water with places I know will reject me but hope would consider me.

I don't negotiate once an offer is extended. I just hope my employer is nice. That's why I really dislike people who exegerate other people's earning when they don't have first hand information. They are just spreading rumours. It makes people wonder and unhappy with their own situation.

Anyhow, with my effort, I feel like I do a little better than before with each new place I successfully get into. I am climbing the stairs slowly but surely like a turtle.

Don't forget to take a break even when job searching.
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Jun 2, 2012
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I think your ratio of applications to interviews is way too low. And I think it indicates an issue with your resume or that the type of jobs you are applying for are not a good match for your skills.

Most recent round for me, I got one interview for around every 3 applications. However, I took the time to personalize each resume. I did not bother with cover letters unless the application site specifically required one, if cover letter was optional I did not submit one. The position I am in now, I did not submit a cover letter.

By personalizing, I mean that I highlighted different aspects of my positions for each application (for example a sales position is a customer service position and a customer service position is a sales position depending on what you emphasize).

So I think you need to take a good look at both what you are submitting and at the type of positions you are applying for.
Jul 1, 2017
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You should see a minimum of 10% response rate after 2 weeks. If you're not getting any responses, your resume and/or cover letter are not good.

If you're not making it to an offer, you're not selling yourself right in an interview.

The advisement of being patient is not good because unless you are aware of the need for change, you will never increase your response rate and be scapegoating a saturated market. Feel free to PM me your resume/CL; I mentor a lot of people on interviewing and resume building - everyone whom I've helped has landed a role they previously couldn't land that they were qualified/competitive for

I'm in a bad place right now (mentally) and helping others makes succeed helps me; so, I want to help if I can.
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Jan 9, 2004
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rMBA13 wrote:
Feb 7th, 2019 9:08 pm
i am such a failure
You're only a failure if you give up. Keep going.

The longest it took me was almost 5 months. November/December is slow for hiring, but things should be picking up now.
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Apr 14, 2017
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I'd say for every hundred jobs you apply to, expect 5 interviews. Regardless of how good your resume or cover letter is, its incredibly difficult to get interview by simply applying online. It's a game of luck and numbers if you don't have connections. Keep trying!
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Mar 10, 2005
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rMBA13 wrote:
Feb 6th, 2019 2:37 am
I've been job hunting since last September and have only gotten 4 interviews after applying about 45 jobs.. starting to get worried
So about 1 every 10 applied that's not a bad ratio. Keep at it, the more interviews you go to the better you get. Apply to jobs even if you don't meet all the requirements. Take a step back after each interview and be honest with assessing how you did - try to learn from the experience and move on. Most rejections have less to do with your experience and more to do with how the hiring manager sees you fitting in.

After you land your job - and you will - review and update your resume every 3 to 6 months or after acquiring new skills or completing a project. This is especially important for younger people as chances are you will be moving around alot so it's important to have that resume ready to go.
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Oct 16, 2013
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You need to apply to more than under 10 jobs a month, going off your post. A 1 interview from 10 application is a good response rate.

You should go to networking events around your field/ personal characteristics to meet managers and firms to learn about them and them of you.