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How to make a proper B/S/T thread

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How to make a proper B/S/T thread

I am making this thread to help out some people so they can sell their gear easier. Everyone likes to see what their buying, so pictures are always a plus when trying to sell stuff here on RFD, or anywhere for that fact. In this tutorial I will show you step how to take pictures of your gear, how to host the pictures, how to post it on RFD and what should be included in the post. Enjoy!

Step One - Taking pictures

When your taking pictures of your gear you want to get quality clear pictures. Try to avoid using a camera phone if possible. Set your camera to high quality for the best resolution. If your like me and on dial-up you can get away with low quality so upload times are faster. Or if your good you can use high quality and downsize the pictures. To get the best pictures make sure there is enough light, but not so much that there's glare off of your item. Anything that has a shiny surface can be hard, like chrome stuff. If that's the case turn on lights in the room instead of using a flash.

To create a nice backdrop for the gear get something square to lay the item on, that is, if your item is something small like a vid card, goggles, headphones or anything of that nature. For this example I'll use my chair. Also when taking pictures you can use a tripod to steady the camera, or rest it on something.
My chair
My tripod

After you find something to place the item on get a blanket or curtain that contrasts the item (ie white background black item) I'll use a sheet to contrast my goggles. All you need to do is toss it over the chair and have it sort of loose on there, or tuck it in, your choice. And Wallah.
A cheap background!

Next place the item your selling on the chair and centre the camera. Try not to get glare on it and hold the camera steady (tripod is good, or lay the camera on something)
First picture the goggles were a bit crooked but it can work. It had no glare as well and I used a flash.
Second one was better.
And last was the back of them.

Make sure to photograph all sides of the item your selling, the good parts and the bad (damage, scratches, cracks, scuffs, etc.) You might be thinking why take pictures of the bad sides, that's just stupid! But it's not, read about it in the sections below.
For bigger items just place them against a wall or on the floor and make sure there isn't a lot of other junk around it.

If you want to take one picture of a few things make sure your stuff is organized some how. Place small numbers by them so they can be matched up in your product description so the buyer will know what they are looking at. Or you can just take individual pictures of each.

Step Two - Description

Here you want to be really specific. The main things to list are the size, the condition, the year, model, colour and brand of the item your selling. Also include what comes with what your selling and what condition those parts are in (ie. Cables, warranty, case, etc.)

For example
"I have for sale a pair of Oakley Wisdoms. The frame is a matt black with a fire iridium lense and they are in near perfect condition. There is one small black scratch about a 3 mm long on the right hand side. The foam is also in mint condition with zero damage. They come with a carrying bag and a micro cleaning cloth, works good."

Usually with goggles you don't need to include the year, same with most clothing. With items like cars, bikes, computer stuff you might need to.. One other important thing to do is list all of the damage to your goods! People don't like being sold something that it's as the description lists. If you lie about it and try to sell something again you'll have a hard time because that person will most likely tag you on RFD as a bad buyer. And if you are a first time seller make sure you make a Heatware account so you can get a bit of a reputation for yourself and selling will be easier in the future. The site is

Step Three - Title

This is what will catch the attention of buyers. You can take the stupid root and do "OAKLEY WISDOMS FOR SALE!1!!!one!1!" or do it right. "Black Oakley Wisdom with Fire Iridium" Something short and sweet. And I'm not sure if I spelt iridium right, so don't bash me. And if you have multiple items for sale list the big ticket items before anything else "Brand new so and so" and get the other stuff after that if there is space. Also include what you want to do with the item or weather or not you want an item. FS = for sale FT = for trade WTB = want to buy. Or you can do a FS/FT meaning you will sell or trade the item. If you are looking to trade make sure you list what it is you are willing to trade for.

A second way mentioned is to have symbols in it which will also make it eye catching. You can use symbols with the shift + number keys to give it some edge. It all depends on what you want and what you think will look good and stand out. Look around the forums to see what looks good and bad.

Step Four - Pictures!

This is the key part! Once you have taken your pictures and loaded them onto your computer you to upload them to the internet, then post the. For this I use Image Shack which has yet to fail me.

i) When you have your pictures loaded on your computer go to this site Once there you will see this menu;


Click on the "Browse" button to navigate through your computer and find where your picture is. Once you find it double click and the picture will start to load. If not click the "host it!" button below. After it loads this menu will pop up;


Highlight the last line on that page which I highlighted, this will be your image link. To do that drag your mouse across to highlight it, right click and select copy. Then go back to your thread listing and description and type [IMG] After that right click and hit paste. Your image link will appear and then you type [/IMG] after it. Make sure there are no spaces between the [IMG][/IMG] tags and your picture or it will not work!

You can also click on the yellow
My Heatware 2-0-0 How To Make A Proper B/S/T Thread Check it out, post up your comments and tell me what you think.
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thank you for you share .i think it is good for our new comers ;)
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How do I edit the thread title to say "sold" ?? So far, I've only been able to edit the body of the message. I've seen others edit their titles so I must be missing something?
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