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How many KWh do you use in a day?

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  • Apr 24th, 2017 12:38 pm
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seekon wrote:
Apr 19th, 2017 4:52 pm
We are with BCHydro, and our usage appears to be very high in comparison to many here, and others in my neighborhood.

Our home is a 2 story, 7 years old, 3800 sq feet, total of 3 people upstairs, and 1 person in a 2 bedroom suite downstairs.

Mainfloor: Gas Furnace
Suite: Baseboard heating
AC unit / Heatpump
Electric Hotwater
Electric Dryer
Electric Washer
Electric Dishwasher

I am suspecting my electric water heater is contributing to the extra energy usage.

In efforts to verify power usage, I picked up a kill-a-watt energy monitor as well purchased a Rainforest automation eagle gateway to check real-time usage, as I type, the gateway is showing 2.421 KW, with only myself home.

March 2017 usage:

2,777.50 kWh

2016 Energy Usage

Consumption (kWh)
January 2016 2,470.66
February 2016 2,076.32
March 2016 2,199.98
April 2016 1,640.06
May 2016 1,599.95
June 2016 1,571.73
July 2016 1,644.61
August 2016 1,245.00
September 2016 1,291.87
October 2016 1,879.22
November 2016 2,322.19
December 2016 2,562.06
Well, first off, you look to have 4 adults in your home, your home is pretty large, and you might live in a much colder area than many others in this thread; those three things are potentially going to drive up usage considerably. Other than that, having lower-levels heated with electric heat and all of your hot water from electricity, those are obvious problems. As well, if you're using the dryer often, that's another pig. Incandescent lighting can be a great source of power consumption as well.

I lived in Whistler, in a similar setup to yours (slightly bigger home, and older) and our power consumption was about 25% more than yours. Our best bang for the buck was lighting; I remember the bulbs paying themselves off in less than a year (though CFLs cost less than LEDs).
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