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How To Resize/Thumbnail Your Pictures

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How To Resize/Thumbnail Your Pictures

If you don't already know how to that is - you know who you are ;)
This thread is meant to aid members of the RFD community to effectively post pictures in any threads.
It's a little inconvenient to browse threads with ridiculously large pictures trying to simultaneously download lol.

How to Manually Thumbnail Your Pictures:
While resizing has its uses, let's face it, if you're posting a picture and want it to be appreciated in all its glory, full sized images are the only way to go. Imageshack used to easily provide a link to thumbnail pictures, but now that functionality is limited to registered users (via your account's My Images folder). There is however a quick and easy way to do it manually without an Imageshack account. Here's how:

1) After you have uploaded your picture to Imageshack, copy and paste the "Forum Code".
2) Simply add .th at the end of the image filename in the IMG link like:

Thumbnail Result:

Resizing Your Pictures:
Short of using an image editor, if you are using Imageshack to upload your pictures there is a drop box option to resize your pictures. For example the below image was resized to 320x240.

Innovatively Silent. :cool:

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