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Aug 31, 2005
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How to Search (with success)

I'm a long time RFD'r , just usually don't post much. Occasionally I see a post and then when I don't subscribe to it, want to find it again I found the "search" option to be extremely poor especially when using my phone. I could put a very generic word in and it will find zero results or 100s of results without the "word" in the post title or related to the thread.

So is there a quick how to guide?
Does the functionality vary by using a desktop or mobile?

Also, I looked at the "thread hiding" feature which is interesting...but what about when all your search results are from the same thread? Shouldn't they be stacked somehow so your search results aren't 10 posts from the same thread?

Appreciate the help.. hopefully this is the right location for my questions. I spend most of my time in the "hot deals" section!