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how to spot a fake burberry polo shirt

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  • Sep 19th, 2015 8:27 pm
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Oct 11, 2005
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just go to the outlet at factory outlet n get one..they were selling polos for $40...too bad most of them were s, and xL or L =(
i may go back next month to get their trend coat....but it cost $455 which equal the cost for a ps3 =(
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Aug 24, 2005
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tallgirl888 wrote:
Oct 11th, 2006 2:06 pm
Anyone who has bought one authentic thing probably can't afford to buy anything else! Nice clothes are expensive!

The other day my friend mentioned that going out and buying a complete Chanel outfit would ruin someone's life!
I found this extremely hilarious on a few different levels.
Feb 24, 2008
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where is factory outlet located? Is it in Toronto, Scarborough?
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Oct 1, 2004
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TheDawn wrote:
Feb 27th, 2008 9:13 pm
I don't know any places that sells 100% authentic brand name clothing..(except nikey and adidas and all those brands, FOOTLOCKER) can you tell me some places? thank you
A lot of stores sell authentic brand name clothing? "Nikey" and adidas aren't really brand name. Harry Rosen, Holt Renfrew, Over the Rainbow, Goodfoot, and most other stores in Toronto sell authentic clothing. Even Zellers sells authentic clothing.
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Jul 26, 2007
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being very cheap and still wanting to wear designer kinda defeats the purpose

stingy and designer are oxymorons
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Dec 19, 2007
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hey i have sum unanswered questions, are the top button on every burberry polo suppose to be closer to the right than the bottom one? and also, are the nova check all the same or do they differ from polo to polo?
Sep 18, 2015
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Burberry NEVER cross stitches . its a fake .
burberry can be made in china England, Thailand . turkey I think one more but forgot .
Sep 18, 2015
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that's fake 100% burberry will never , ever ever say made in great Britain . the polo label is brit and usually made in turkey . post photos of it and all the accents
Sep 18, 2015
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prob fakes . a trench isn't under 1300$ for the cheapest one they make even used they are more than 455 ... look on ebay