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How to Use Quickbooks in multiple locations without subscribing to Enterprise Version

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  • Jan 3rd, 2012 8:44 pm
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Jul 30, 2008
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How to Use Quickbooks in multiple locations without subscribing to Enterprise Version

I have a small business with 2 partners, and we all work at home. We are looking to set up quickbooks for sales/inventory/accounting. I called their toll-free number, and the woman said only Enterprise lets you access the data from multiple locations, but that she does know of people who have set up Pro to be able to access the same file from different locations.

I was hoping someone here ran into this issue and figured out how to get it done.
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Oct 23, 2006
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I believe that if you are not accessing quickbooks all at the same time - then you dont need enterprise

and then host the database on one computer and use logmein or some other program to access
Apr 16, 2010
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try dropbox and put the save file in the dropbox

After create 1 account for each person and share the folder
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Aug 21, 2007
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you need a multi user license (covers up to 5 people)
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Nov 10, 2009
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I used to work on the dev team for QB. It's been a couple of years, but here's a quick brief. Feel free to PM if you run into specific issues.

Not sure if the Dropbox idea will work, though I don't see why not as long as you have multiple licences or you are only accessing the file one at a time. Take frequent backups though as the file structure sometimes struggles with being located away from the box that's accessing it.

QuickBooks is a funny beast when it comes to multiple user access (mostly due to marketing and revenue targets). If you both need to access at the same time, then I'd look to Premier which comes with a free year of remote access and works pretty well. If you're only working on it one at a time, I would suggest pulling the file from Dropbox to local and putting it back in Dropbox when you're done. If you're only using it one person at a time, then you can also use the same licence (without breaking the terms of service). Just install it with the same licence codes on both machines and away you go. If multi-user access is required simultaneously, and you don't want to shell out for Premier, I would highly suggest you spend several hours tweaking and testing the setup using one of the sample files. This will require two different licence keys though. The networking setup has gotten better, but when it's flaky, it's easy to bugger your file.

Also, make sure to verify your data on a very regular basis and make backups. Losing a file to corruption is painful, expensive to fix and takes a long time to get back.
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Nov 11, 2006
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Hi, OP. I just came across your post and thought I'd offer a bit of feedback as well. I'm a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor, and I've used QuickBooks in a variety of different ways for a number of years.

Logmein would be great if you're okay with the file residing on one of the partner's computers. The other partners could gain access as necessary. The basic version is free and this is how I work remotely on a lot of client files. It works great, and you can't beat the cost! The drawback is that the keeper of the file would need to let the partners have access as needed which can be a bit of a hassle.

Dropbox is great as well, but with three partners accessing the information - possibily retrieving and then remembering to drop back in - the potential for errors is huge. I wouldn't personally recommend this at all for your scenario. But it can be a great tool for certain needs.

Another option - and the one that sounds like it might be perfect for you - would be to have your data file hosted in the cloud. This seems to be the way a lot of businesses are leaning...especially young entrepreneurs! So long as only one of you was accessing the file at a time, you would only need one user license. The more simultaneous users, the more licenses you would require. Here's a link to more information from Intuit:
http://quickbooks.intuit.ca/accounting- ... osting.jsp

Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions about QuickBooks in the cloud or anything related to set-up. Good luck - QuickBooks is awesome :)


UPDATE CONCERNING DROPBOX AND SIMILAR PROGRAMS: I just read this on a QB forum "The underlying database is not designed for this, won't run reliably (if at all) and WILL corrupt your company file."
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Jul 30, 2008
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The Cloud hosing would indeed be perfect for me, but I don't think it would be worth it paying hundreds of dollars a month on it. I was hoping for something that would be free, or next to free.