How is your rapport with your boss(es)?

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Dec 7, 2009
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How is your rapport with your boss(es)?

Bosses. They come in all shapes and sizes! I've had a lot of different boss and boss-like people come into my life over the years. Some I've loved, some I've hated.. Most were just OK. The ones who were the best though, were the ones I could bust balls with and share a laugh or two about nothing in particular.

Understanding that company hierarchies can be somewhat confusing, I realize that the term 'boss' may not be an exact fit for the person you're accountable to. So if you like, substitute it for 'fellow executive' or 'person I report to' if it helps frame the discussion.

How is your rapport with your boss? Can you be genuine? Can you talk about your weekend plans? Can you rib him about his stupid haircut, or comment on the clip-clop sound her heels make when she walks through the hallway? Can you have a laugh? Can you talk personal? Or is everything srs bzns 100% of the time? :srsface:
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Oct 3, 2010
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Summer job: Female manager (director). 100% discussion about work-related stuff. No smile or jokes.

PT job: Male manager and he was very outgoing - the joking type. 50% work-related and 50% talk about random things.

FT job: Female manager and very strict. 100% discussion about work-related stuff.

FT job: Male manager and he was very outgoing. 2-faced manager and it's someone I can't trust.

FT job: Female manager (current). Extremely nice but nearly 90% discussion about work-related stuff.

I honestly prefer a female manager anytime and it appears like they can tell my personality immediately. All of the female managers hired me on the spot or made their decision during the first interview. The male managers listed above...I got those jobs through referrals. Strange? I had more than 10 interviews with a male manager and none of them hired me - this include volunteer positions.