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HP Chromebook X2 -- who's into this?

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  • Dec 5th, 2018 6:11 pm
Sep 14, 2009
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I am conflicted between the X2 and the upcoming Pixel Slate. Anyone have opinions or links to comparisons? Appreciated.
Feb 11, 2007
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I ended up picking one up while I was in Hawaii ($499 on sale) and am really loving it so far. I have the Surface Pro as well, and am really enjoying the rigid keyboard. Chrome OS has taken me no time at all to get used to.

Here's a couple of review of the Pixel Slate, and the first one is vs. the Chromebook x2. ... ixel-slate ... st-a-mess/

Again, compared to my Surface Pro (which is last years model, and something I lusted after for years, I find myself turning to the x2, unless it's really something I need Windows for, which, hasn't been much, so far).
And especially when it was $499 US on sale.
Great keyboard, great screen, 2 x USB C ports, micro SD card (picked up a 256GB one on sale on for $58!). And the rigid keyboard means I can use it anywhere, even on my lap.

Hope that helps!