HR advice - interview no shows

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Aug 10, 2017
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HR advice - interview no shows

Have noticed some HR experts in this forum and hoping they can help.

I work at a small - less than 10 employee company in Mississauga. We recently placed ad on Indeed for order packing help and received many resumes. We looked for people that had warehouse related or order packing experience. Called and spoke with 8 different individuals and arranged interviews. Of the 8 people - 1 person emailed 15 minutes before interview time to ask if possible to reschedule. The remaining 7 people were no shows.

The last hire was 2 years ago and it seems much has changed. The pay is competitive, bonuses are offered, some medical and dental after 3 months. The warehouse is bright, clean and air conditioned and the co workers are friendly and easy to work with. I didn't think hiring would be so difficult.

I'd appreciate hearing from any HR experts on this forum. Why do applicants agree to job interview and then never show up? Is this normal? Should it be this difficult to hire a person?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice.
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Aug 6, 2017
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Toronto, Canada
No shows happen, but wouldn't say they are normal. there are all sorts of reasons from traffic, the health, to better offer, to having to take care of someone, etc.

7/8 no shows, isn't normal.

A few things to consider:
- have you contacted the no-shows to ask why they didn't show?
- does your company have a web presence? are there any review sites that might warrant the no shows?
- is the location in a new area or hard to find?
- how far in advance were the interviews booked?
- how have you validated the competitiveness of the pay?
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May 28, 2004
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Really this is 8/8 no shows. Perhaps the date or other information was listed incorrectly and contact information was not provided? Not in HR but finding this very difficult to believe. Why would eight people submit an application, take the call, arrange a time, and then not show up for the appointment? If someone in HR can explain this, I'm curiously to learn about this phenomenon.
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Mar 24, 2005
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You see this more (no shows) for a low paying position. The quality of the candidates in this range contain good people but also a lot of poor quality people. So that just comes with the territory. The fact that you have 8/8 no shows is either bad luck, or the position is not attractive enough and you're only getting the poor quality candidates applying. I don't have a lot of context here so it's hard to comment why you have a perfect record. Is your company located in a very inconvenient location (need a car)? Is the pay not competitive? Benefits being offered? Or if it's a contract position is the rate aligned to the market? Also not sure if indeed is a good job site to post on or not - maybe someone can comment on that. In its early days it was not regarded as reputable as other job sites.
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Feb 7, 2006
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This is only going to get worse for you as minimum wage (at least in Ontario) bumps up to $15/hour.

Speaking of pay, are you SURE your pay is considered to be "competitive" - or is that more just HR speak for 'barely above minimum wage'?
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Apr 18, 2017
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Cmon guys even if it was a min wage job, you really thing all 8 of them would no show? That's veryhighly unlikely. Something definitely odd about it. Call the candidates and find out why.
Aug 10, 2017
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winner2000 wrote:
Aug 12th, 2017 2:24 pm
This is only going to get worse for you as minimum wage (at least in Ontario) bumps up to $15/hour.

Speaking of pay, are you SURE your pay is considered to be "competitive" - or is that more just HR speak for 'barely above minimum wage'?
For a shelf stocker - 40% above min wage, health and dental benefits after 3 months, paid lunch and bonuses, clean, bright and air conditioned - is what you consider "barely above minimum wage"?
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Mar 1, 2003
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Meh, think of it as them doing you a favour: you don't have to waste another second considering them. If they're going to no show without notice for the interview they won't be any better on the job. It's better to find this out now rather than when they're on the payroll.
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Sep 4, 2007
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My bet would be that the location is extremely unfriendly to transit users. $15 per hour job is not enough to pay for both rent/groceries and a car/insurance, esp for young males in Sauga.

Do you offer a minimum number of hours per week and consistent hours? That's important. I wouldn't.want a job where I would.have to cobble hours together with a 2nd or 3rd job with little consistency to make ends meet.

Have you treated all your old employees well? Have you always paid competitively and offered a good workplace environment? It only takes one disgruntled ex employee to spread the hate around. And unless I was desperate for work, I wouldn't work for a company with a bad reputation on the street.
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Dec 27, 2009
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pean42 wrote:
Aug 13th, 2017 7:21 pm
For a shelf stocker - 30% above min wage, health and dental benefits after 3 months, paid lunch and bonuses - is what you consider "barely above minimum wage"?
I don't think 30% above minimum wage is going to attract a whole lot of people, especially in HCOL area. As for why all 8 of them didn't show up I have no idea.
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Mar 15, 2005
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Not in HR but a hiring manager, to get that many no shows means something is definitely up.

Does your company have horrible reviews on Google? Are you located in a really poor spot? Have you done a market analysis on compensation?
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Oct 18, 2004
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So did the guy/gal who rescheduled the interview get the job, since there was no competition?
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Feb 9, 2009
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And how hard is the job? By order picker are they picking up little packaging or do they have to lift heavy stuff?

Jobs like this generally are taken by low educated or new immigrants. So expectations of whom you should expect to come should be low

Tho like most on here having no one show up is strange...