Locked: ICBC Claim - Rear ended 2 weeks ago can someone recommend me a lawyer

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Dec 18, 2011
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Maple Ridge
have had two rear-enders in the last three weeks at the same location if you can believe it. My first car, which I bought brand new, was a rite-off. I replaced the car with a newer version of the car I had faith in and it appears that too is written off. Each time, I did nothing wrong but am in pain. I am afraid to drive, and also hate to drive a rental. I have never retained a lower before but now I have. contact me if you want at
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Nov 26, 2011
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they follow you around with cameras to avoid situations like this :D ... r=Business
[QUOTE]. According to North Carolina's WRAL, Cashwell had claimed she could no longer stand, sit, kneel, squat, climb, bend, reach, grasp or lift mail trays due to an on-the-job injury in 2004. But investigators found a crack in her story: In 2009 Cashwell appeared on "The Price is Right" and was capable of spinning the "big wheel" twice. [/QUOTE]
Jan 16, 2015
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Port Coquitlam, BC
Let me tell you it's hell dealing with ICBC

Wants to fix the car only fix half the damage. I point out well it's claimed as this from your own estimate why are you refusing it.. (They didn't have an answer for that one) They did yell and scream at me calling me a crazy person who makes things up in the ICBC repair place. I just smiled and went O ok if that's what you think so your refusing to fix it then? I just said well I will see you tomorrow (they don't like you showing up randomly) After that I will fix it no problem. Still not fixed still getting the run around but you know what showing up at random and anoying them is worth it they stop dicking around when you don't go away and make them spend more time. I look at it this way yes it's minor yes it's really cheap to fix but you know what why should I pay for a 100 percent no fault accident. Why should I be out when my insurance is supposed to cover it I had full coverage every single thing you could have even under insured motorist protection. They Told me I can't work to *****en bad that's your problem we won't pay wage lost. I refused to sign a statment they threatened me and said we will make it 100 percent your fault I said well that's hard to do when the lady ran a stop sign while texting on a phone and admitted to icbc that she was texting ran the stop sign and hit the gas when she paniced. ICBC demands things from my docotor like a seal 19 which I have to be there for them to do and fill in. They want it in 15 days so I have to go down to the docotor just for that my question is why should I do they pay the cost to travel there no. Do they pay for my time no they don't why should I do anything for them they just screw you over. Now wage lost even though I could of been 100 percent at fault and still claimed it. Can't work in horrible pain all the time get dizzy and fall over when I do things spend 200 a week on treatment I spent 15,000 on treatment with a yearly salery of 0 since I was unable to do my job. So make 0 for a full year and pay 15,000 just for medical is a joke. They play the we pay you back after well screw you ass holes you *****ed me over why buy insurance. I simply say ***** insurance I won't pay a god dam cent for that crap anymore legal or not I rather pay the fines instead of dealing with ICBC. So basicly it ruined my life it runined my saveings it ruined my quality of life. All because they don't care and tell you to ***** off even though it says right on the freaken website we do this we do that. They refuse to do what they claim they do. Even my lawyer was supprised by what ICBC was doing. 1 year of not answering legal requests or phone calls. Telling them were changing adjusters then simply doing nothing and going we have no record of that. The other driver was injured and has a claim and she was 100 percent at fault they had no problem pay them out but the other person she nailed no lets screw them. I would of been happy with an apoligy and just medical but now I have added a whole bunch of zeros to the end for this hellish experince. I rather spend money in court and force them to pay more even if I get less just because of the principal of it. What is the abilty to walk around free of pain worth. What is the abilty to use your hands with out causing shaking and being unberable to hold things. What's it worth to walk slower then a 80 year old lady who is recovering from a heart attack (sometimes I can't walk fast at all) I get the your fine your fine from everyone but I'm not fine i'm in horrible pain and discomfort and feel like the whole world is spinning all the time.

My advise is get a lawyer before you even report the accident and sign and say nothing with out talking to a lawyer first. Even then they dick you around.
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Jan 4, 2007
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ICBC will never be your friend. Ever.
Whenever I see those ICBC tv ads the first word that homes to my mind is 'propaganda': "I can settle when I'm ready" and "I can get the benefits I'm entitled to".
They say that they won't force you to settle but they sure as hell will give your lawyer an insulting first offer. They will say take it or leave it on the last business day before trial.
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Nov 28, 2013
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London, ON
JamesA1 wrote:
Feb 3rd, 2013 10:22 am
ICBC may be your mandatory insurance company in BC, but they are not your friend. Unlike other provinces where your insurance company acts on your behalf if you are not at fault in an accident, in BC that's not true. If you have been injured in a car accident, you must keep in mind during every interaction with ICBC that their sole purpose is to find grounds to dismiss or discount your claim, and as a government agency they have access to much more information than a private insurer. Unfortunately you really need a lawyer with experience in personal injury claims to get appropriate compensation.

However I have to say that I think the settlements in minor injury claims these days are simply ridiculous. I've been injured in car accidents a couple of times, including an elbow smashed through a window when a pickup truck slammed into the side of my car (thank goodness for side impact beams in doors!), and a severe whiplash when the car I was riding in was spun 180 deg. in the collision that totaled it. In each case it was really sore for a week, then I got over it. Probably had minor lingering damage, but the idea of making a big deal of it used to seem silly. These days I would probably get a lawyer and sue for $50,000 for "soft tissue injuries". And you wonder why insurance rates have gone up?

You need to remember, where " they soft tissue injuries " might be can make a huge different .. From being anything but just a little pain, to severe migraines for the rest of your life.

Soft tissue injuries might seem like nothing , but the scan tissue and nerve damage they can cause can be life long. A lot of doctors dismiss soft tissue injuries, but there are a few injuries or the prolonged effects.
Jun 9, 2016
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Get a lawyer.They will charge 25% Up until a month before trial then it goes up to 33%
Sep 4, 2009
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vancouver bc
i need some feedback here, please as i near the end of my 2 yrs (18 mo in)
with my soft tssue mild/mod whiplash....have not taken on a lawyer.
spent about 8k of my own for rehab so the end will have spent about 9-10k.

i had a rear ender in the spring of ' exotic $$$ car rear ended me in stop and go traffic.
the driver accepted 100% responsibility.
i had my car's rear end repaired to the cost of $4k.
i went to a doc immediately for an assessment and to open a file...i didn't 'play the game' or take time
off of work as i felt no effects (i've not taken any time off of work, either since).

but 3 mo later i did notice issues: tightness/cramping up on the left side of the neck and upper back.
i still have a lacking a bit of range of motion when i twist or bend my neck left to right..
I didn't go see a lawyer as the icbc adjustor i had seemed decent.
i called icbc near the 3mo mark and (just in time) started on approved physio, chiro and massage treatments
(out of my pocket) to the tune of $600/mo....9k so far in total)
again took no time off of work (silly me, how naive, but i'm not here to milk the system).

however, i go to see a lawyer to get advice 8 mo in to get a 2nd opinion anyway.
he says: '' all i can tell you is, the longer your case goes the more $$$ you get...your case is worth more at 3 ys vs 2 yrs''
tells me my case is worth 15-20k (i guess this is without my expenses?)
i decide to go it alone, hoping i can get a fair settlement on my own.
i can still take a lawyer on with 7 mo remaining in my 2 yr period.

so of course the adjustor calls me each few months, asking how i'm doing, and if i wish to settle up, seems pleasant enough.
some times i feel ok but then the lack of motion/jamming up becomes more apparent. (i am mid aged, too)
1 yr from the date of the accident they offered me 18k to settle (including my own expenses of $6k and their pain and suffering piece).
but i'm not i still continue the treatments. my chiro thinks icbc's offer was decent considering my
injury is high mild/moderate in level.

i'm thinking of settling up in the new yr or spring and will be exploring cutting back on the treatments...
but I don't wish to be low balled or messed around.
in the end i also want to feel ok...and to get a good settlement to pay for ongoing treatments.
i've heard from other whiplash victims that often they're never the same again, or 100% fully recovered
(add my mid age to it and i guess that's a factor, too)

at the end of this i'll have likely paid in $9-10k of my own expenses for the various rehab i've been undergoing.
what should i be seeking: $25-30k?

sorry for long post but wanted to include details.
feedback is appreciated.
Apr 24, 2012
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Lawrence Goulet. Best in the business.
Sep 4, 2009
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vancouver bc
and what makes you say that?