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Inabuggy Costco delivery

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  • Feb 22nd, 2020 4:22 pm
Jan 24, 2020
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Inabuggy Costco delivery

Wondering if anyone has experience with inabuggy’s pricing for Costco. The convenience sounds amazing, but would rather not pay marked up prices
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Feb 7, 2017
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I looked up Inabuggy

A Shopping Delivery Service, primarily groceries ... serving the GTA and a few larger Cdn Cities
(Prob why I never heard of it)

So I looked at their website =

Nice assortment of stores they shop at
Groceries, Pharmacies, Cdn Tire ... and the LCBO / Liquor Store

One orders items off their website list
Or can add on requests
There is a flat rate delivery fee
And the occasional promotion / sale
Plus a Rewards Program for frequent users

Prices from what I saw, seem close to what the store charges (example Costco)
BUT ... the website clearly says ... these are static prices for the most part
So if the store has a sale on the item
That prob won’t be reflected on the Inabuggy website

So I did not find the prices high
And the flat rate delivery charge fair @ around $ 20.
I mean that’s just slightly more than Minimum Wage of $ 14 / $ 15 (depending on the City / Prov)
And we assume the shopper’s gonna take about an hour of their time + car expenses

I assume the Co. makes most of its income
Off of their regular pricing of items (Item on sale / less ... they pocket the difference)
And Volume of customers / frequency of use

It’s called the cost of doing Biz for the Co.
And the price of convenience for the Customer
Don’t like the pricing / model ... then you can always get off the couch and go shop in person

As for Reviews ...
GOOGLE ... there are plenty on the Net

My take away
Not unreasonable
But ... not for me personally
I wouldn’t make this trade off of time vs money
I’d rather do my own shopping & save money
In fact, Groceries is one of the places that I find the easiest to have a strategy to make my money go the furthest
Spend less, but get more
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Dec 29, 2012
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I tried Instacart 2 times shopping from Walmart. 5% service fee based on value of total including taxes, 5% driver tip, $3.99 shipping. Also sale items are priced at "normal" price. Shopper can replace item and message me while shopping to get approval. I found most prices matched Walmart's prices but veggie/fruit prices higher as the item is priced based on a weight that is heavy, so one could get a little squash and be charged $5.99 for it (not the actual price if I went myself). Quality depends on the shopper too (1 time I got quality apples, next time I got large apples) and how busy shopper is. If they're rushed, they skip looking for items and just refund. Both times I had a refund for about 4 items out of 30. First shopper was better and sent pictures of replacement items, 2nd shopper was impatient and for garlic listed at $2.47 x 2, picked up 2 bags totaling over $20! The items also change so accumulating items through the week to buy once didn't work well. At least they didn't clear my cart overnight like Costco business centre.

Would love to hear if anyone has tried Superstore or Metro delivery.

** Does Instabuggy shop at different stores for one order?
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