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Oct 8, 2006
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INcome Tax Question

I'm doing my taxes and this has happened once before.

My total number of months exceed 12 for the T2202As

I was taking overlapping courses. Does this matter? (I'm thinking not)

As well I think it was my first Tax return I thought that it did matter so I excluded 1 of my courses cause it was over the "12" month mark. Very dumb.

Is it possible to still use that claim for that year it was almost 5 years ago, only 300-400 or so was the tuition.
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Oct 8, 2008
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There are two things at play here. One is your tuition amounts. You can claim all tuition paid to all schools, even if the courses were taken at the same time.

The other thing is the number of months your were a a full-time/part-time student. You can only claim a maximum of 12 months, and they cannot overlap.

So for example if you took a course at school A from Jan - April (4 months), and took another course at school B for the same time, both T2202A forms will say 4 months, but you cannot claim 8 months - you can only claim 4 months because it is for the same time frame. But for tuition fees, if you paid $500 to each school, you can claim the total $1,000.