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Incorrectly Charged HST on Children's Footwear

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  • Aug 22nd, 2010 4:45 pm
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Dec 15, 2004
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Incorrectly Charged HST on Children's Footwear

We purchased some children's running shoes at the Nike Outlet in Niagara Falls yesterday and I noticed that the taxes on the shoes and the other one item we purchased (a shirt, would be fully taxable) was quite high. I calculated 13% on the subtotal and it comes up to the final total we paid; thus being charged the full 13% on the entire purchase which includes the children's shoes.

I recalled when the HST was rolled out, children's apparel and footwear was exempt. I checked online (a CBC article ... o-hst.html and the Ontario government website and it says children's footwear (under size 6 - we got under size 6) is HST exempt. Though, the government website table says before July 1, children's footwear was only PST exempt if less than $30 but then in the column for "Is there a change to the amount of tax payable under HST" it reads "No for footwear up to size 6 (remains 5%)" so I'm a little confused.

Does anyone know if all kids shoes (under size 6) no matter the price are HST exempt?