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Inguinal hernia - hurts again

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Mar 15, 2009
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Inguinal hernia - hurts again


I had 2 inguinal hernias last year and had the surgery back in january 2013. Since the last 2 weeks, I feel some pain again all day long on one side. I went yesterday to consult my surgeon and said everything was fine.

I don't believe him, I was really fine for 9 months but now it hurts constantly. I could run 18 km and work 9 hours and now I just can't run a 10km straight.

Anybody here had the surgery and can give me some advice ? Or any surgeon/doctor here ? My plan is to have a second look by somebody else but the process is long and painful ...
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Sep 10, 2004
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I don't know anything about inguinal hernias but I Googled it, just to see what an inguinal hernia is and found this: Post-herniorraphy pain syndrome

Again, I now absolutely nothing about this topic, but that might give you a starting point to look further into the info that's out there on the web.
Jul 23, 2011
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I'm not a doctor/surgeon, but work in the medical device industry and am very familiar with the mesh used for hernia repair. 3 things to consider:

1. You likely had an something implanted ("mesh") to close the defect... or you got the surgery at Shouldice and had the defected sutured close with surgical steel. Either way, you have an likely have some foreign body inside of you and a number of things can happen -- it can become displaced, it can become infected (seems too long for this), or your body is adapting to this foreign body and there's some tissue in growth taking place around the implant. The "defect" rates for hernias is a very contentious among surgeons and manufacturers... you'll see numbers as low as 5%, or as high as 50%.... whatever it is, defects are a very real possibility.

2. You have another hernia or defect. If you've had two already and you are athletic... this is a possibility.

3. Something idiopathic. The link above shows some alternative causes of post-hernia pain -- and I'm certain that your surgeon will pursue all available conservative treatments for your pain before re-operating.... it's safer and cheaper than another operation.

Remember that hernia is often an "elective" procedure in Canada (not literally...) -- you have abdominal pain, you complain, you try some things, you complain some more, eventually meet with a surgeon, eventually get operated on. Now you're back to Step 1 again. Some people will choose to live with the discomfort, and some people will choose to pursue (push for) treatment or additional treatment.

I don't have any advice that you don't seem to already know -- absolutely ask for a second opinion (try a surgeon from another hospital for facility if possible) and unfortunately expect a long and literally painful process. Hernias suck - good luck.
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Feb 29, 2008
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WTF are you getting advice on RFD off topic from? Go see a doctor now! If needed go to the emergency. My dad had three nguinal hernia surgeries including one incarcerated bowel. These things recur frequenty.