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Mar 5, 2005
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Insurance for e-commerce stores

Hi there,
If a company imports products from overseas, and sells only online, no employees, what type of insurance is required for a business such as this?

I'm assuming product liability insurance. Can anyone direct me to the right place? Does one need general liability insurance as well?

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Jul 23, 2014
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Until you get local ecommerce merchants to pitch in- I will get the ball rolling for some brain storming-

Things you can consider besides the Product Liability which I think would probably as you mentioned rightly the most important, The level of cover you need and can get is dependent on what you have at stake.

Here is a few to add to the list

Contents- If you hold adequate stock/- wont have to worry if you drop ship to start with
but for machinery/ business assets and equipment- eg- computers, servers.

Business Interruption/ Continuity- Example- Flood or Trade interruptions like no Internet( differs across legislation) We never bothered until our business was mature and bringing in regular income.

There might be something market specific which only a local can tell you- Example in the U.K we need to have Transit insurance- cant blame it just on the courier if they misplace or lose an item.