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Interesting portrait/commentary of World Leaders

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Jan 6, 2002
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Interesting portrait/commentary of World Leaders

Some interesting portrait photography and associated commentary.

[QUOTE]This past September, when nearly all the world’s leaders were in New York for a meeting of the United Nations, Platon, a staff photographer for [The New Yorker] magazine, set up a tiny studio off the floor of the General Assembly, and tried to hustle as many [world leaders] in front of his lens as possible. For months, members of the magazine’s staff had been writing letters to various governments and embassies, but the project was a five-day-long improvisation, with Platon doing his best to lure the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chávez, and Muammar Qaddafi to his camera.[/QUOTE] ... how_platon
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Nov 10, 2003
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Thanks for sharing that link hood!
I loved the commentary! That added so much more to the presentation, then if it wasn't there.

At one point (I forget whom Platon was photographing) Platon mentioned shooting a "roll". I'm assuming film?
Who shoots film these days? Especially in such demanding situations as Planton was in.

Also, Can anyone speculate on the setup?
The flash seemed to be above the camera, (since some of the shadows of the rims of glasses was slightly down) but in such a way to exentuate facial features, and skin texture.

I personally love the shots he took, and want to figure out how he did it so any help would be greatly appreciated.