Investment with greybrook capital

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Nov 14th, 2013 12:17 pm
Second to the ridiculous BS you just spewed, please direct me to a bank or any legitimate financial institution that will give me 8% GIC's. I'm sure I have "enough" to invest. My clients and I would love it. When do you plan on waking from this dream of yours?
Well Warren Buffett got 10% Preferreds from Goldman Sachs for $5 billion dollars. I think they qualify as a legitimate financial institution. Also they got a big premium when GS bought back the "GICs" (Preferreds).

"Berkshire Hathaway will receive perpetual preferred shares in Goldman, which will pay a 10 annual percent dividend, or $500 million a year. Those dividends take precedence over other payments to common shareholders. Goldman has the right to buy back the shares at any time for a premium of 10 percent."
"Back in September of 2008, at the height of the credit crisis, Berkshire essentially loaned Goldman $5 billion at an interest rate of 10 percent a year. (That money was repaid in 2011.)"
Feb 10, 2017
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I can vouch for BrunoWO22462 and the Lake shore project. I am invested in three Greybrook projects. The Lake shore project closed before I had a chance to participate. The numbers can be verified just by googling Greybrook Lake Shore. Lucky you Bruno! You have to be an accredited investor and the Greybrook investors have title on the land. The projects don't get built until the developments are pre-sold. Wish I had started with them earlier.