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Nov 26, 2016
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invisalign pricing

I'm searching for invisalign in Ottawa. I see one particular dentist offering invisalign for ~$2000 dollars while I've talked to other dentists charging about $6000. Why is there a huge discrepancy? Something seem's fishy to offer something at such a lower price...I even went to the official invisalign website and saw that he is a provider...
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Jul 26, 2004
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$2000 does sound a little fishy. The invisalign company itself charges the dentist about that much for the trays usually. It is possible the dentist is trying to get experience with invisalign and forgoing any clinical fees. Alternate explanations include your case is super easy that even invisalign itself charges way lower than $2000, or he is using another type of clear aligner that comes in way under $2000 ( but you say hes an authorized provider... )
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Apr 28, 2011
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My wife and I had ours done. Mine was ~$5000 and hers was ~$3500. My treatment was longer than hers but one thing we found different that made a big difference was that mine included unlimited refinements and hers did not. Refinements are very important especially when closer to the end of the treatment as mine had to be changed a few times. She would have been charged extra $ had she had to do as many refinements as mine did.
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Aug 17, 2017
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Yeah $2000 is seems to be a little fishy. I think price will increase step by step in the process and you will pay more than $6000 in total.
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Feb 25, 2018
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It may cost you $$$ for cavities and root canals. Encapsulate you teeth in plastic is a v. bad idea.