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iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3?

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  • Jan 2nd, 2013 2:09 am
Nov 28, 2010
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Looking objectively there really isn't a good reason to get an iPhone.
You are simply paying MORE money for a phone that can do LESS. It just doesn't make sense.

...actually if you are buying it as a fashion accessory like a watch or something just to look good, then I guess that can be a valid reason.
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Jul 11, 2010
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gilboman wrote:
Dec 29th, 2012 10:21 am
So you are used to suffering and think its normal. That's all you're saying with having to endlessly pinch and zoom and pan left and right to look at a webpage. Or worst yet you are looking at mobile crippled version of web pages. Think about it, why should you have to keep pinching in and out plus pan left and right to look at a webpage? Or be forced to use stripped mobile versions? How ridiculous is it to say you're being used to abused and don't notice it?

You don't notice how poor the email is again because you've never had anything better to compare it too. Like you've been eating chef boyardee your whole life and you think its fine and how ravioli is supposed to taste like.

Stock vs stock will be wp8 then nexus then iPhone in that order.

But it sounds like its been a while since you used android and never used a wp8 phone so your ignorance is understandable. You do need android 4.1 and above to have the smoothness.

I can also understand in a way when you say iPhone appears to have leas hiccups..that's like saying an economic car with manual windows and locks, no heated seats no navi, manual transmission, no abs no vsc, no sunroof, no air con will have less go wrong . the iPhone has no features and no multi task no live tiles or widgets so there's nothing running so nothing to go wrong. I can't have a car with all those lacking features .. Might as well walk lol
Or I can simply say I prefer a MX-5 over a 7-series because I enjoy the purity of driving and have no need for the extra horsepower, luxury, gadget and electronics.
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Dec 20, 2006
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If you're someone who wants to hack and play with their phone like its a Linux box, get the S3 or Nexus. (I'd personaly go with Nexus and would avoid Samsung) If you're a normal person who just wants something that works and don't care to explore endless options and tweaks, just go with iPhone, it's the you won't be sorry solution and it has more options and features then the average person even uses. It's just not customizable (change keyboards, lock screen, etc.)
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Aug 2, 2004
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bjcoolguy6 wrote:
Dec 29th, 2012 11:51 am
Also is it possible to get a new phone out of this because they no longer carry the Infuse and I've had my eye on the SIII or an iPhone. Thanks
Wireless Wave at Costco does not carry any Apple Products