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[jetSet Parking YVR] Save 20% on jetSet Parking at YVR

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  • Nov 6th, 2019 2:17 pm
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Aug 22, 2006
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taya1214 wrote:
Wow.. I like your effort but seriously.. this would only work if you are close enough to both transit and the airport.
100%. Basically if you're near a skytrain it's not a horrible option.
Yes it does add quite a bit to your travel times, but you're saving quite a bit of money.
This obviously doesn't make a lick of sense if you're in Langley or anywhere past Pitt Meadows.
You gotta count your time spent which a lot of RFDers seem to not count or undervalue their hourly worth...
I said what? $40 above? Let's say $50 after fuel.
A week of parking is what? $130?
That's an $80 difference.
Assuming it takes you 2 extra hours each way that's $20/hour which for me would be worth it.

But as I said above, if you're gone for 2 days this 100% isn't worth it.
2 weeks would easily be worth it though. My personal cutoff is about a week (which is about what I normally travel for anyways)
For the shuttle, it only goes to the first level - arrival.
Domestic and international are both on the first level of arrivals.
You (the shuttle) drive to international first then it stops at domestic.
I 100% can't see it stopping at only one since you'd have to drive through the other one at some point along the way.
I would personally preferred the long term value park as well for the convenience of free skytrain.
Depends on how many bags you're dragging.
If it's only a carry on? Sure. But if you're dragging a carry on and 2 suitcases, I'd at least short term park to check them before driving back and value parking.
This way you're only dragging a carry on.
Scottisonswardrobe wrote: This thread is for Vancouver airport (YVR).
Vancouver doesn't exist. Only Toronto.