Job Posting: Mechatronics Engineer (1 Year Contract)

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  • Mar 7th, 2018 3:24 pm
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Job Posting: Mechatronics Engineer (1 Year Contract)

I have another opening! I posted this last year, and this is a new position...not a replacement for last year's hire (in case you're reading this!)

Disclaimer: As some of you RFDers know, I'm a Corporate Recruiter for a global company.

The job:
- 1 year contract tied to a very specific project.
- Project is confidential, no details to be disclosed. All i can promise is it's really awesome and unique!
- Located in Markham, transit accessible or free parking, Plug in stations available!

Here's what I'm looking for:
- 1 years experience or co-op experience. Bachelor's great, Master's nice. College Tech program with Bachelor's great!
- Mechatronics or Mech Eng with decent electronics engineering exposure, or vice versa. Electrical highly preferred.
- Portfolio of projects on video and images, designs and drawings. Anything goes, from high school projects to pet projects to Master's thesis.
- Handy all around! No stranger to tools, workshop environment, and can design/prototype stuff. Coding in C, python, etc is nice, but I'm not looking for a coder, just someone who could understand coders.
- Data extraction and analytics from mechanical applications. Figuring out how to tap in and get data, and making sense of the data as feedback.
- Soft skills: Big imagination, big personality, and bringing an engineer's attitude and work ethic (ERTW etc etc)

please PM directly with your contact info and a quick summary. I will reply and let you know if it fits into what I need.

It's a one year contract but I can promise it's an opportunity that would be truly awesome and not boring. It is part of a global research project team working on cutting edge future technologies that will truly change the way we live, work and play!