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Feb 1, 2006
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Kijiji Ticket Scammer!!

I was looking for an event last night and began corresponding with a seller, who it became quite evident was a scammer.
As our texts went back and forth throughout the evening, the seller was aggressively trying to reassure me he was legit but couldn't meet up face to face because he was too busy but needed to sell the tickets asap. He offered a GREAT price which he kept reducing due to the last minute nature of the event. He asked for an emt and he would transfer tickets through ticketmaster right away. I was tempted to do the deal but when I called his cell number several times, I got a prerecorded message that the person was unavailable.
(Unfortunately these cell numbers can be made up quickly for short term use and discarded) A clear redflag was when the seller did not attempt to call me back nor would he talk to me on the phone, then he abruptly stopped all communication when I asked him why he wasn't answering. Shortly after that I went back on kijiji and noticed all this scammers ads, (there were around 8 of them, all created within 7 hours) stated "the items were no longer available."
WARNING: This seller had numerous ads up for many different events (Jays, Concerts etc) and had apparently "been on kijiji since 2015"
One could have been easily persuaded into thinking this scammer was a legit ticket reseller based on his profile.

So today I just went on kijiji and noticed this scammer had the same events listed in several new ads but with a NEW disposable text number. I tried contacting Kijiji but they don't even respond or do anything about these scumbags.

The pattern seems to be, he lists events that are close to happening, like Jays tonight or Concerts tonight or tomorrow for "less than face value."
PLEASE don't fall for it!!! I'm sure there are tons of these scammers waiting to prey on unsuspecting people.

Why doesn't Kijiji do something to crack down on these worthless individuals who will keep attempting to scam with little fear of repercussions?

Sorry for the long rant but Just some friendly advice for the community.
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Nov 24, 2016
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I wouldn't buy tickets from kijiji ever. Facebook marketplace maybe...