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Koodo- Question about hardware upgrade deal

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  • Nov 10th, 2017 12:42 pm
Dec 28, 2015
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Koodo- Question about hardware upgrade deal

Hello Waving Hand Sign I had a question was hoping for some input Thinking Face
I have 2 lines with Koodo, around Thanksgiving last month London drugs had a deal on Samsung s7, $0 down medium tab.. new account, or upgrade..! I had 0 tab owing..
I took up on it, all good.. next day I logged on self serve on my other line, I had a offer saying if I upgrade to lg q6 I get 100 bill credit or any phone & get $50 bill credit, and would waive my remaining $80 tab!
So I called Koodo & asked/confirmed that deal would be valid in store, not necessarily Koodo stores(London drugs)
All seemed good guy sounded confident it was fine..
So I went back to same store, upgrade my other line to another S7....
Now I noticed on my bill it added the 80 tab.. & no credits (was supposed to be 8 a month for 6 months)

What I'm noticing also now when I shop phones on Koodo it still shows same offer, except waive remaining $345 tab!

So I'm thinking maybe if I ordered another phone, & sold it would work out well..? Wouldn't want the 345 tab going on my bill lol ..! Would seem weird calling in , they would see I just upgraded..
Maybe I should just call in & complain they didn't waive the 80 tab & no credits..

Sorry for long question Expressionless Face
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Aug 22, 2017
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Just call Koodo and let them know, I've had issues like this in the past and they helped me out. Remember, just be calm and easy when you speak to them.