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Jul 10, 2007
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Late Night Creepin'

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Apr 12, 2003
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saw on your flickr, nice shots and car too. Love those HID fog lights.
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Nov 17, 2003
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Some comments (I'm assuming you're open to 'em since you posted. :) )

The first one is a great shot - but I'd like it even more if you'd found a bit of street without cut curbs on one side. They're a bit distracting, and a pair of full height curbs (and less suburban debris - is that a dog statue or something on the left?) would make the car stand out even more. Having said that, you nailed the lighting. I really like the difference between the headlights and fogs reflecting off the road.

The second one is my favourite - nice angle, and the gray pavement with faded yellow paint really makes the blue in the HIDs pop. Try cropping out the top 5-10% of this shot - there's a different color on the ground (from another lamp in the parking lot, maybe?) and a bit of curb in the top left that don't really add anything to the shot and take away from the sweet looking car.

I won't comment on the thrid since the open hood shot isn't really my thing.

I love the last one, too. I'm a sucker for anything with interesting lighting converted to B&W. :lol: