Laurier BBA vs Ryerson Commerce?

Mar 2, 2018
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Laurier BBA vs Ryerson Commerce?

Sup guys, I still can't decide which one is better :( I have search many ranking websites and a lot of threads and here's what I got:
* Ryerson Commerce:
- It has a higher rank in most of ranking websites (Macleans, QS,...)
- It has some great reputation ("Ryerson placed 2nd on the National Reputation Ranking in 2015"-Wikipedia)
- From some threads, some people said that this prog is not as good as Laurier's
- Although it's a commuter school, its location is in the downtown of Toronto
* Laurier BBA
- It has lower rank contradicting to Ryerson's
- The school is not well-known outside Ontario
- Most people from lots of discussions said that it's better than Ryerson Commerce
So I hope you guys can give me some advice about which one should I choose. (To some extent I don’t really believe in the ranking websites but I don’t know if the ranking is right or not)
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Dec 27, 2013
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Do you live at home or are you on your own? How long would the commute to Ryerson be? What would the cost of living in Waterloo be? Is the experience of living on-campus on your own something valuable to you? Don't discount all of these questions. It's important to choose a good school, but to a certain extent, as long as a school is "good enough," or unless you're interested in some incredibly specialized program that only certain schools really offer, you should also look beyond the program itself. You're going to be spending the next four years of your life there. That matters too.

About your question - a really good friend of mine did his BBA at Laurier. One of his co-ops was at Staples head office in Markham, basically doing email marketing. Out of school, they hired him full time. He ended up leaving Staples and working for a software development company in Waterloo. Left that not long ago and now he works for some StubHub type company in Toronto. I guess that co-op, for him, was the foot-in-the-door to his professional career. Not sure if Ryerson offers that.

My wife did Commerce at Ryerson. She's a teacher now, but one of her close friends in the accounting program got in with one of the big four... I think it's E&Y, right out of school.

Those anecdotes are all I can share about the programs themselves. But as I said - as long as you're not going to "Uncle Sam's School for Flat-Earth Economics" that's run out of some basement down a dark alley, and you graduate from a reputable program, a few ranking points on some website isn't going to matter nearly as much as your own work ethic and determination to find the right job when you graduate.
Apr 10, 2017
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Laurier is better than ryerson on another level not to diss ryerson graduates or anything. Back in the day when I was choosing where to study, a cousin of mine who graduated from Ryerson adviced me to avoid rye high at all costs....not to mention that he was stuck in a customer service position for 3 years until he was able to transition into a job more relevant to his major. The program at rye has changed now with the option of co-op though. On the other side, I have a friend who goes to Laurier for their arts management program and she seems to really like campus life, as well as, she managed to score an internship in her first year.
Feb 10, 2017
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Is this some type of joke?

Let me tell you a good portion of Bay Street is run by Laurier alumnus. Even today you will find that their undergrads get great jobs on a relative basis.
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Oct 13, 2009
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I have a BBA and MBA from Laurier so I'm about 98.37% biased

Choose Laurier. Great program and the campus life is 2nd-3rd best in the province (Western, maybe Queens might be better)
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Apr 21, 2004
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I think OP also posted the same question at yconic :)

Edit: My bad. Someone else asked the same question a few months ago.
Sep 29, 2015
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This should not even debatable to be honest. Laurier itself may not be a top school, but it's business school is definitely one of the most highly respectable ones in Canada. Even just look at the gap in entrance averages to get into the BBA program compared to ryerson.
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Feb 9, 2009
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Ryerson historically was never a serious school cause it's was a polytechnic university but it's changing. No it's not on the level of Queens, U of T, Western, etc but I think slowly it will become a better and more reputable school.

It's incubator though is extremely highly ranked though, I think it's near the top in the world for ranked business programs (ahead of even U of T and McGill) so that's a consideration if your into being an entrepreneur.

If your going Finance and such then yes Laurier.. though I think in it's last ranking MacLean had Ryerson at #10 best business school and Laurier down to #16. So who even knows, Ryerson is climbing up the charts of rep and it's "Rye high" days are slowly passing it by. I used to work at TD (my wife still does) and one of the faster moving VP's in the company is a Ryerson business it will slowly become better with bigger companies with more Ryerson grads moving up the ranks

But hey... you could have attended Harvard, if you cant network you wont get anywhere anyways...