LF: Best Deck Stain

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  • May 24th, 2010 2:23 am
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Jan 31, 2004
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LF: Best Deck Stain

So, we have tried Behr (HD) and frankly it started coming off the first winter. Is there any stain out there that you can honestly say will stay on the deck for more than 2 years - cause our deck is big and its a pain to redo. Semi- or translucent...just something really really good.
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Jul 30, 2008
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I am not sure if there is one best deck stain. I spent some time reading the wood working/deck forums...there are many stains...and it seems many opinions...

Generally, from what I have read..most the professionals (..people who stain decks for a living...) are not too keen on the stains from the Big Box Olympic (Canadian Tire)...Behr (Home Depot)...Lowes USA (Valspar/Cabot)..They tend to prefer stains that are not readily available in most of the Big Box stores...I am not exactly sure why this

I can tell you my experience...I have stained my deck a few deck has average sunlight...snow in winter...deck is about 15 years old..made from pressure treated wood...overall in decent shape...I do the staining mainly for appearance

3 yrs ago I used Sherwin Williams Deckscape...this was when they had their spring sale on...I think the regular price was $36/gallon and it was on sale for $26?/gallon..this was about the max I wanted to pay...I have a pretty large deck/trim etc...and it takes 4-5 gallons...before staining, I lightly powerwash my deck...sometimes I powerwash with just plain water..and sometimes powerwash with a little deck/fence cleaner

With the Deckscape...I found it looked pretty good the first summer...just ok the 2nd summer and pretty bad the 3rd seems that many users have the same issues with stains only looking decent for 2yrs or so...and therefore they stain their decks every 2 years...

Last yr, I found some Valspar semi-transparent stain for $5.99/gallon at Liquidation World last year...I tried it on a small part of my fence...and it looks ok and seems to be holding up after 1 year...I know the fence is not the same as the deck...but for $5.99/gallon I am satisfied..

I have seen products advertised that say they will look good for 5-7 yrs...for me, I have accepted the fact that I will stain every 2-3yrs...not that huge of an effort...good staining brush helps...i put the brush on a pole for floor boards

I am likely going to be staining my deck again in the next few weeks...I'd like to find something for around $20-$25 gallon ..oil based (prefer)...half decent reputation...I might get the Sherwin Williams again (only if around $25/gallon)...