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LF: Good dry cleaner in Vancouver

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Oct 7, 2007
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LF: Good dry cleaner in Vancouver

I am looking to get some nice clothes including a wool coat and a wool suit dry cleaned in Vancouver. Can anyone recommend a good dry cleaner? Ultimately, I am looking for someone who does a good job and charges a reasonable price. I have tried using low cost dry cleaners before but learned that sometimes they reuse their chemicals and the quality of the cleaning is not so great. Since then I have tried using a different cleaner which does a good job but their pricing is almost making it such that I just throw my clothes out and buy new ones instead of cleaning them.

Any recommendations for a good value dry cleaner would be most appreciated. Thanks.
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Mar 14, 2005
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Thought they all reuse the chemicals.
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Jan 16, 2005
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I recently switched to a different dry cleaner -- I went to my previous one for over 10 years, but a recent change of ownership has led to a huge decline of the quality of their work. I just tried A-Star Dry Cleaning on Main at E 33rd Avenue. Paid $25 for dry cleaning my wool jacket. I'm pretty happy with the wash quality, and plan to take my husband's wool suits there next (the lady at the front desk said they charge $20 for a 2-piece suit).