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LF: Korean/Mongolian BBQ

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  • Nov 26th, 2004 1:02 pm
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Jun 9, 2003
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LF: Korean/Mongolian BBQ

Where do you guys go for all-you-can-eat korean or mongolian bbq? I've heard of some places up in Richmond hill but none of my friends seem to have gone in a year or so (myself included). Either post here or send me an email at

Send it quick! I'm hungry! :cheesygri
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Sep 8, 2004
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Only one I can think of is that one that was mentioned earlier. Mongolian Grill really sucked last I went. Sure its' a buffet, but the meat had no marinate and had no taste even after I added the sauce after it.

Why not go to a straight Korean bbq where they do marinate the meat :)

There's a location beside the pc village in scarborough, where ever that is
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Jul 18, 2003
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The one mentioned above is The Great Khan .

It's pretty good, IMHO, for a buffet restaurant. The 2004 Entertainment book has a 2 for 1 coupon for it. But not sure about 2005.

As for Corean BBQ, there's a place on Midland just north of Finch (west side) as well as Walker Hill on Hwy 7/Leslie area.
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Aug 4, 2004
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I haven't been to the Mongolian place in about 4-5 years, but from what I remember, the food was pretty good, but you get so stuffed after like 2 rounds. Ahh, the good ole buffet days. Now it's all about the AYCE sushi places. :lol:
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Jul 16, 2003
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There are 2 Korean BBQ in Richmond Hill that I know, one is at commerce gate, chinese name "Ko Lai Chun" and one is at Hwy 7 & west Beaver Creek, Chinese name "Wah Hak San Chong".

But I haven't been there for a while, have been cutting down meat intake and Korean BBQ have lots of meat!!
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Nov 26, 2003
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eww.. I personally dont like that mongolian buffet at Market Village.
icy wrote:There are 2 Korean BBQ in Richmond Hill that I know, one is at commerce gate, chinese name "Ko Lai Chun" and one is at Hwy 7 & west Beaver Creek, Chinese name "Wah Hak San Chong".
West Beaver Creek one is nice and quiet depending on the hours and its a nice calm place to sit and eat with friends. The one across the street near the arcade is loud and crowed, however they give you free drinks. I love my soy milk. They taste pretty much the same.

Kalbi, the beef rib, is marinated for a week at least to be good and neither places do that.
Kimchi, side snacks are... not spicy. (maybe its just me)
Bugogi (sp?), the thin slices of beef should be marinated and it frys up nicely.

As for dinner, when they have seafood, I usually tell them to give me the salmon on a seperate dish from the rest of the food and end up eating that raw. I've never gotten a stomach ache or food poisoning yet from doing this.
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Sep 3, 2004
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There's a nice one on Sheppard closer to Markham Rd.. It's between Markham and McCowan. It's on the north side of Sheppard.

The one at Midland and Finch (on Midland just north of finch on the west side) is also pretty good. It's in the plaza that has the fountain.
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Jul 13, 2003
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Korean BBQ > Mongolian Grill by far

Mongolian is more expensive but you get more variety because there is also the hot buffet. Once a year visit would be sufficient. It's a different kind of environtment and experieince. Good with a group of friends.
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