LF: Unused WoW CD Key

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  • Jun 1st, 2005 4:31 pm
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May 28, 2002
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What use is a key if you don't have a subscription, or are you planning on buying a subscription for that key?
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May 1, 2005
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I'm guessing instead of paying for the game you downloaded the warez and now need a legit key to sign up.
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Aug 2, 2004
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ktan09 wrote:No, My friend has the CD and he said if you get a CD key, then it'll work, so instead of buying the game, i was just looking for the cd key and register with a subscription to that.
Isn't that the same as thing? What if your friend made a CD image of the game and then let you download it from his computer? Is that any different than you going over to his place and copying it?

Well, I am not here to lecture on ethics. But, you don't need a CD Key if you play on one of the many public servers
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Feb 2, 2005
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Apr 26, 2004
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For WoW, it's a monthly online fee based game.

The CD key is like a pre-paid phone card, you get 30 days of game time when you apply it to your user id. User Id is free, but it doesn't let you log onto a WoW server if you don't have any play time left.

Each user id can purchase more play time via more play card instore or online. But it requires the user id to register a CD id once. Each additional month of play is around $15 to $18, but the CD is about $49 (include a month of playtime).

The actual CD is not physically needed during play, you can install to as many machines as you like, authentication is done via user id.

So in this case, he/she is trying to save the $49 for the initial key.