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Life Insurance Q&A - w/ FAQ Section

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  • Nov 10th, 2017 3:52 pm
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Nov 2, 2002
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Thanks for the info and advise. I do have critical illness insurance as part of my Mortgage. It took it knowing that I am the only person that can pay for the mortgage and if I ever get a major illness, the mortgage is suppose to be paid off. (At least that's the sell pitch).

I'll call the insurance company and request the ACB and go from there.
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Nov 13, 2017
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Hi all,

see lots of good discussion in this forum,
need some info for life insurance ...

my age 38 yr Male, non smoker, salary 85 k , Life insurance employer - 2 times , LTD - Maximum 100K.
wife part time working , salary 15K --- son 10 yr old.
No loan so far, but house purchase and mortgage is planned in next 2 yrs.

Q1 - Planning for term insurance of 500K, 30 year term for myself. is this sufficient?
Q2 - Critical illness is normally part of Term life insurance ?
Q3 - Got quotes from Manulife, GW, Sun life and TD , RBC, Banks ----- which one would be less troublemaker , if claims...