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Jan 9, 2009
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Lockerz (can get free prizes)

You can get gifts like games, clothing, and tickets to concerts.

The things are really cheap here compared to the points you need to get. For example: Video games are from 16 to 60 points, iPod nano is 240, Wii is 250, Macbooks are 1000. There are no prizes that are in stock right now, but I am assuming the prizes will be available October 15th.

When you first start out, you get to play this game where you try to catch points. I got around 30, but thats because I didn't read instructions..

You can get from 2 to 12 points each day just by logging in and answering a simple question called Dailies. Everyday you login, you get 2 points, and when you answer the question, you can get up to 10 points.

Right now this is invite only so ***********************

This site officially launches on October 15, but you can get a head start on the points.
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