Looking to become a Police Officer...Any tips?

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  • Dec 7th, 2017 1:10 am
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Dec 27, 2009
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akswun wrote:
Nov 16th, 2017 11:58 am
I've been toying with a career change the past couple of years. Currently a Psych nurse and have been for over 12 years. I have friend who's a cop as well who's been kinda coaching me on the possibility.

Other than what Blitzforce has stated a huge thing my friend pointed out about the profession is that as a cop... you will be hated. Paramedics and firefighters get all the glory. And cops get the short end of the stick. A cop does something in the US, guess what, you did it too. It's unfortunate because the police are the ones dealing with all the crap, again like blitzforce so vividly described. To add to all the crap you do on a daily, there is no 'satisfaction' in doing the right thing.

Other than that, another thing I'm concerned about is the current system. I work in healthcare. And as morally and ethically rewarding it may be, the system is broken. I've worked with various administrations at my hospital and some care and most dont. The same thing runs within the police force. You have officers that care and most that don't. You have administrations that want to either fix the problems, which much pushback from unions, and other that just want to 'get by'. I'm in the mindset of change for improvement... but I've learned all to well in my current role that sometimes the more you look to improve things there will be others out there looking to put you down because they don't want it to change.

Also my wife hates the thought of me becoming a cop. She thinks its dangerous. And it's fair for her to feel that, it can be.
Can't being a psych nurse also be dangerous? If you can handle the psych ward I think you are probably well suited for police work. Good luck!

PS - I agree the mental health system is severely broken. My brother is bipolar - he's very bad (like worst 2%), goes totally insane sometimes even if compliant about his meds. The states he has been released/kicked out in make me shudder. I'm amazed he hasn't killed anyone yet. The system sucks (he's in BC - I think it is broken absolutely everywhere).