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Looking for the best deal on an LG G6

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  • Sep 14th, 2017 11:10 am
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Aug 29, 2007
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Looking for the best deal on an LG G6

Hey everyone,

As the title says, I'm looking to get an LG G6 but it seems that the gift card promo from WOW is done... is there a decnt deal out there right now?
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Mar 5, 2013
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At walmart airport road and highway 7 they have a $200 GC I don't know the plan.
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May 8, 2009
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I think the best deal is on Fido. May not be a retailer-exclusive deal (Wow, TMS, etc.) but certainly a trade-in deal. Wow and TMS both do trade-ins on Fido, whereas Wal-Mart will not do trade-ins (and I doubt BestBuy would have a device-specific Fido trade-in deal, but I could be wrong).

I think with Fido for the LG G6 you'll pay the least upfront (especially with a trade-in) and the least monthy for the LG G6.

If you're thinking of doing a hit and run on Koodo, perhaps Black Friday will leverage good activation credits for you.
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