Looking to book AI baby friendly in mid Nov

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  • Sep 15th, 2018 8:57 am
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Looking to book AI baby friendly in mid Nov

Sorry for the hand-holding request but I'm really at a loss here. Never booked any kind of AI before but we are looking for 7 or more days in mid November.

Looking for more family oriented resort, we have a 1 year old. Would like a resort with really good food, nice pool beach etc. We aren't really drinkers. Wife would love to get out on some excursions but not sure how easy that will be with baby. I'm doubtful.

I was looking at the Costco vacation packages and seems like lots of them have some Costco cash card bonus as well as resort credit.
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Jan 26, 2017
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What the heck does “AI baby friendly” mean?!
What is “AI”?
Jan 31, 2007
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All inclusive. Suitable to bring babies.
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Bebo123 wrote:
Sep 13th, 2018 10:44 pm
What the heck does “AI baby friendly” mean?!
What is “AI”?
I agree. For a 1 year old "really good food, nice pool beach etc" makes no difference. Be aware that many places won't let your baby in the pools if it is still diapers.
As for excursions with 1 year old, I would think anything sedentary where you can carry the baby would be OK but, I think there are age limitations on many of them So, zip lining, swimming with the stingrays or dolphins or scuba diving would be out LOL
I think if you find an AI that you like, then you should just book it. Find a resort with the amenities that you like.
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Does AI make sense when you don't drink much and have a one year old? Mexico and Dominican are pretty much all AI but still you might get be better off on a nicer island where it is not all inclusive. Small islands and Bahamas for example.
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Here's an article from Today's Parent (Canadian) this year with a list to start you off: ... n-resorts/

AIs that offer baby clubs for under 2s or 4s or more are unusual but there's a few on there, most notably in Cuba - and I know there are some in Mexico.

In your case, I'd honestly suggest contacting a travel agent and having them present you with a short list of possibilities and choosing from there. Make sure you visit your family doc too before you go and take some antibiotics, etc, with you just in case. Be extra careful with the insect repellent (find out what you can safely use with a baby) and sunscreen.


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