Looking for an interview coach

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Sep 10, 2013
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Looking for an interview coach

I have started my job hunting recently and i am looking to hire an interview coach. I always feel i suck at interviews esp when it comes to behavioral questions (i sound 'memorized' and not 'natural') and i really want to practice my interview skills. I have looked around google and kijiji but cant decide how i should go about it. I did ask few of my friends but they dont really know anyone either so if you can recommend one, please feel free to let me know.

My location is Richmond Hill area but Vaughan or Markham or north york is good too
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Mar 23, 2008
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Location, location, location...

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Nov 9, 2016
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Why don't you use your family members or friends to help you? Find some job postings and make up some mock interview questions or have your friends/family make mock interview questions and then have them interview you.

I always get my girl friend to help me prep for my interviews, it helps A LOT and she throws me off with some questions she makes up. I use to practice by myself and recently I tapped her for help and my interview experience has got a lot better.

Also I personally use Lynda and watch their interview videos. They have some great videos on there about how to master interviews. I realize not everyone has access to Lynda but maybe you can check your local libraries e-learning section, mine has Lynda access for free which helped me a great deal
Dec 28, 2017
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What type of jobs are you applying for? Dfferent industries have their set of commonly asked questions.

I was in the same shoe as you many years ago... the key is having passion for that sector or specific career path. .. then those questions would be answered naturally... think of it as in telling your friend what your favorite movie is about.


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