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Looking for opinions on health insurance for retirees in Quebec

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Looking for opinions on health insurance for retirees in Quebec

I'm looking for opinions on where to get my health insurance for retired public service workers in Quebec. I was on a group plan with SSQ and can switch to their Privilege plan for retirees. My other choice, I narrowed it down to La Capitale. I can go there with no medical questions within 60 days of retiring. La Capitale has a slightly cheaper price than SSQ at the beginning and even cheaper as you get older. I was looking at the Basic Plan They both cover about the same thing except for some differences.

Looked at Manulife Follow Me plan and Blue Cross Blue Flex plan too. Manulife seemed to be the most expensive and Blue Cross required a medical questionnaire and has a deductible.

Advantages - seeing health specialists like physiotherapists, psychologists, audiologists, etc are covered
- tests are covered. Including MRI and CAT scan.
- convalescent home
- home assistance service
- travel insurance $5,000,000 for 30 days per trip

Disadvantage - hospitalization max. 90 days per year

La Capitale
Advantages - hospitalization unlimited days
- rehabilitation center (I wonder if this is the same as convalescent home or not?)
- residential and long-term care center (Does this mean for when you get old and need to be in a home, or is this just for a longer term recovery period after getting out of the hospital?)
- prescriptions that are not covered by RAMQ (Was thinking of going with Blue Cross Blue Flex because they cover the deductible and co-pay, but you need to fill out a medical questionnaire
and get approved. Don't know if I would be approved or not since I'm on long term disability now with several pre-existing conditions. La Capitale, however, doesn't cover the deductible
and co-pay)

La Capitale
Disadvantages - health specialists not covered in the basic plan. Need to go to the intermediate plan to get that covered. But do we really need this if the hospital will refer you to the specialist in the
hospital? It will probably just be a longer wait than going to see a private one.
- some tests like MRI and CAT scan are not covered in the basic plan. Need to go to the intermediate plan to get that covered. But then again, same reasoning as above. Unless it's
urgent and you can't wait for the hospital to give you an appointment for who knows when.
- travel insurance is only $1,000,000 for 30 days per trip. But I rarely travel.

The person from work in charge of the insurance said he'd probably just stay with who you had it with before, SSQ. Plus, they're paying me my disability payments and waived life insurance coverage.
I was leaning towards La Capitale for the residential and long-term care coverage and the prescription drug insurance on drugs not covered by RAMQ. But I guess there probably won't be too many prescriptions that aren't covered by RAMQ.

One thing I was wondering was, if I go with La Capitale for my health insurance, would it affect my disability coverage from SSQ? Or those are two separate plans?

If there's anybody that is knowledgeable about these things, your help would be much appreciated. If it helps, I've also attached the information pamphlets for these plans. ... vilege.pdf ... -18_BR.pdf

P.S. Tried to fix some of the lines above to make it more presentable. Couldn't figure it out, so I gave up.
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Why in the world was this moved to credit cards? :facepalm:
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FYI....If you go with SSQ basic you still need to be covered under the RAMQ and register with them. I know someone who retired recently and he went with SSQ. Also, apparently he is obliged to be with them for 2 years so he can't switch if he wants to move to another company.

Hope this helps.