Looking for rental - Should I stop disclosing that I have a cat?

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Dec 7, 2009
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Looking for rental - Should I stop disclosing that I have a cat?

So I've been looking for a new place for a few months now, and so far I've been very up front about the fact that I have a cat.

About my cat:
Adult female, spayed, uses her scratching pad and litter box. Lazy and quiet.

Usually this is how it goes

1.) Look up ad on Kijiji

2.) Text or email owner that I'm interested. Disclose cat as a courtesy

3.) Then one of three things happens. I'll go from most to least common
- radio silence
- simple rejection
- nebulous allergy claim

Now in Ontario it is a courtesy to inform a landlord about pets, since they cannot enforce a lease banning them. I am strongly considering suspending this courtesy in light of the fact that it seems to never go unpunished. I frankly feel like having a pet is pretty common. In fact, of all my friends and relatives, every single one of them has a pet. I don't want to live in a ghetto because I have a cat.

How would you proceed?
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Nov 7, 2012
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It really depends on what kind of rental you're seeking.

If you're looking at a room in a boarding type house, then maybe some consideration. If you're looking to rent a whole floor (basement) and have the owners living in the same house.... again a little consideration.

But if you're looking at apartment buildings/condos, IMO, you can omit this. But I'd feel bad for a condo owner realizing after they get the contracts signed that the renter has a large dog.
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Mar 23, 2008
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If nothing else, I would stop volunteering the information...

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Feb 16, 2013
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Get unit.
Show up with cat a week later, it's a scumbag thing to do but may be your only option.