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low cost/free internet for seniors USA

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Jun 21, 2008
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low cost/free internet for seniors USA

Hello All
I have a bit of a dillemma. My brother lives in the states, is 59 and dirt poor. He got an Obama phone so i call him using hangouts, but he has no way of calling me in ontario as far as I know. Then i came across the following website from my Alzheimers support ... r-seniors/

Anybody have any personal experience or suggestions and tips

I was just thinking of getting an Alcatel 4g tablet, get the t-mobile tablet prepaid plan (410 US plus tax).
How would I activate it. I don't mind paying $10 per month if it means we can communicate both ways. Only problem is that he's not tech savvy at all so i don't know if this will send him over the edge
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Oct 13, 2016
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Thought about your post. Can he get to a public library with free WiFi, computers and some technical support from their staff? They often have equipment for loan, additional support for older adults without the knowledge and familiarity to tech. Could be more sustainable option if Library service is nearby