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[Lowes] GSW N2073 Tankless water heater (TAKAGI)

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  • Dec 20th, 2019 4:27 am
Dec 28, 2017
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I just installed a takagi tk-jr tankless water heater. It serves the master bedroom and kitchen, so the size is just about perfect.

I have had some problems with it "cutting-out" after about 10 seconds.

At first I suspected a problem with gas volume as I had left in the terminating section of 1/2" gas pipe and shutoff.... So I replaced with 3/4" per specs.

now.... with the cover off the unit, it runs fine. as soon as I put the cover on, the problem returns! My only suspect now is that the restricted airflow (of the limited intake size on the cover) reduces the o2 just enough to cause the system to error out. possible?

In case you dont know... the tk-jr has a fan-driven intake, and the front cover has a relatively small intake vent area. I have a 7" round vent to the outside... and it behaves the same with the closet door open, so the air available is not the problem.

I live at 7000' elevation. The manual says it should be adjusted above 4500', but the takagi techs told me it is pre-adjusted good up to 10000'.

what do YOU think?